,,The American Spirit Education Alliance is a non-profit (501c3), all-volunteer organization. We depend on the support of people like you who are committed to preserving and teaching the public, especially young people about American history and our American heritage. If you think the work we do in the community is worthwhile, we humbly ask that you gift us with a financial donation. Putting on events such as our annual Patriot Fair requires considerable resources and any amount will help defray the cost.

Thank you for your generosity. 

Please send your donation to:

American Spirit Education Alliance
5670 Olde Winton Court
Fairfield, OH 45014







Kroger provides an opportunity to support local charities just by using your Kroger card. It does not cost you a dime. The American Spirit Education Alliance funds the Patriot Fair in part using these contributions. About five minutes of your time is what is involved to start donating to programs that provide the community with accurate portrayals of our American History such as the Patriot Fair. If you already use Kroger Community Rewards to help support the American Spirit Education Alliance, thank you very much. The information is below. Our number is 83504.

Go to the website and select a charity for Kroger to send your rewards to. If you have any difficulty setting this up, call the phone number on the website and they will gladly help you.